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Pelican, Abia Angels retain Premiership spot as Ibom, Dreamstar are relegated

Pelican Stars and Abia Angels on Tuesday avoided relegation at Nigeria Women Football League (NWFL) play-off  held at the University of Benin Sports complex and  will remain in the elite women’s league.

Pelican Stars finished tops with five points on the table after playing a goalless draw against Ibom Angels in the last play-off game. They went into today’s match with four points from two matches.

Abia Angels finished as runners-up with four points and zero goal difference to join Pelican Stars as the second team to escape relegation and remain in the NWFL Premiership.

The Umuahia side escaped relegation by the whiskers as they lost 2-3 to Dreamstar Ladies in the last game of the play-off.

Abia Angels opened a two-goal lead in the first half only for Dreamstar Ladies who are masters of the second half to pull the two goals deficit back and shot into lead with a third goal to keep scores at 3-2.

If Dreamstar Ladies had scored one more goal, they would have been on same minus one goal difference and would have won on head-to-head permutations. But unfortunately, by the time they shot into lead at 3-2 the game was left with two minutes of play on the watch.

The Pride of Lagos that also finished with four points slide into relegation with a minus one inferior goal difference.

Dreamstar Ladies and Ibom Angels will now play in the NWFL Championship next season while Pelican Stars and Abia Angels will continue their sojourn in the NWFL Premiership League.

The final matches of the NWFL Premiership play-off today officially marked the end of the 2020/2021 NWFL Premiership season.

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