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Unuanel says he won’t back foreign coach for Super Falcons

As Nigerians wait on the football authorities with bated breath and keen interest to know who becomes the next Super Falcons coach after the departure of the Swede, Thomas Dennerby former Falcons assistant coach, Samson Unuanel has voiced his preference for an indigenous coach whom he averred is backed by history as the best in terms of results and boldly enthused that his former boss, Kadiri Ikhana has depth knowledge, experience and maturity to once again superintend the affairs of the reigning African champions to global glory.

Choice of coach for Super Falcons after the departure of the Swede, Thomas Dennerby

If I have to be sincere with myself we are not sincere with what we are doing in this country and we do not follow history. As far as I’m concerned the best result we ever had was during the tenure of local coaches.

We have coaches in this country that can do this job effectively well because we believe in colours we believe that anything we are doing and we have a black man in Nigeria at the helm of affairs we never give them the opportunity to work either fail and correct themselves or to work and achieve.

When I was with Kadiri Ikhana things were moving on well in that camp, I believe we have coaches that can achieve a lot working with Super Falcons in this country but if they want to go overseas they will spend a lot of monies and still have no control on the coach. The coach, himself/herself will never work passionately as an indigene.

Coach Ikhana went the extra length to build a formidable team somehow unfortunately something happened at the international level which is now history but I will never subscribe to a foreign coach for the Super Falcons.

The only team in the country that I can subscribe for a foreign coach is the Super Eagles, our main team, and you know why, we need somebody who can collect our players abroad and move round and working freely but U23, U20 and U17 teams should be given to reputable local coaches so that we, too can grow. If really we want to achieve anything, if really we want to develop our coaches, too, we must be able to be given responsibilities and people should support them.

Preferred local coach for Super Falcons

Kadiri Ikhana is not too old to work as a coach of Super Falcons you need experience. You cannot pick anybody because he is an ex-international, who has not worked with the team, who has not handled big team and you pick such person and give him/her responsibility as big as Super Falcons.

Ikhana knows what he can do, if Ikhana is being employed today, Ikhana should be allowed to pick his assistants directly and when he picks his assistants the assistants will do the job following the recommendation of the head coach which is Ikhana. You know why, Ikhana has experience, he has been there before, he has been with the Super Falcons, he knows exactly what it takes to handle the team and there are lot of coaches like I said in this country in same fold as Ikhana. We have good coaches here that can do the job well, who will do it as if it were their own, who will be ready to travel far and near unlike a foreign coach who will stay put in Europe to recruit players at the disadvantages of local players.

Impact of local coaches

Look at what Stephen Keshi did, may his soul rest in peace, he came into the national team with set of young players who were playing at home. Today we only have one goalkeeper that is in the national team and that goalkeeper is not even the first choice. If they follow what should be done, if we really want to encourage ourselves build our local stars we need a local coach that will work with them.

There are lot of coaches that can do this job, we only need experience, somebody who has passed the road before, I cannot mention myself for obvious reason though who says I cannot do it. We need somebody who has gone through that road before and really handle the national team and know what it takes.

Gains of having local coaches on the saddle

Today, I’m happy people like our former captain, Evelyn Nwabuoku knows what we did for her, a lot of players like that were brought into the national team, we believed in them and we gave them the go ahead and today they are making waves all over the world.

If you had not been there before it will be difficult for you to handle that team. Age is good in coaching, the older you are the more experienced you become. However, you must look for your assistant who will work with you, that will be able to explain your programmes to the latter and you will be there to correct him as time goes on that is just that.

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