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The intrigue of runners who become couple

Emmanuel Gyang and Deborah Pam finally tied the nuptial knot on April 04, 2019. The couple said they took two days off for their honeymoon and started training for Okpekpe 10km road race after their wedding.

Fortunately for them, both continued their dominance as both claimed the first Nigerian to cross the finish line in the men’s and women’s category. This year’s edition made it seven out of seven for Deborah. Emmanuel also defended his title. They are known in the marathon circle in Nigeria. They are forces to be reckoned with in the defunct Obudu Mountain Race as well other races within and outside the continent. caught up with the Plateau state born couple in Okpekpe, Auchi, Edo state

Q. How do you feel occupying the first positions respectively a month after your wedding?

Husband: We are so great, we are so excited, being together is a personal thing of my life because we started a date and it has given me passion. This is our first race after becoming husband and wife. It is not an easy task but we still meet up so we really appreciate God.

Wife: When I heard about the race I thought I would not be able to make it because of the wedding preparations. Some of my running partners told me that I could not make it because I have just got married but I said I will prove to them that I am not relaxing. Even though without the adequate training just the happiness that I have with my marriage is the one that made me to win this race because I did not train the way I used to.

Q. When did you start dating?

Couple: February 2006

Q. After long years of courtship so how do you feel getting married to a man who came around to pick you in secondary school and trained you to become an established athlete?

Wife: I feel excited and happy because when I started it with him I was not thinking that it will lead to marriage, it is the will of God that joined us together and I’m so happy. 

Q. How have you been able to keep your relationship despite your tight schedule?

Wife: We focused on what we do during training and after training we could gist or make phone call (smilingly resting her head on his shoulder).

Q. What are your next targets as a couple?

Husband: Our target now is for us to work harder before we think of bearing children; we have to make some reserves for them before they come. We are preparing for Nigerian Armed Forces in the month of June and after then she will be going for African Beach Games, we will now prepare fully for the Access Bank Lagos Marathon. I want her to watch two world class marathons before we think of raising children.

Q. How did your parents react when you told you want to get married to each other?

Wife: They wanted us to keep it (marriage) till next year.

Husband: It was not an easy task for them because they were seeing us in the world of sport, being together, training together; they were saying when the relationship started. As we worked through our sports, we disciplined ourselves. Outside there, we gist, we have prepared ourselves that we want to be together for life.

Q. You courted for some years before you got married so how did you settle your differences when you quarrelled?

Husband: That is why I said in the beginning that you cannot get your choice you just have to manage to meet up with the world.

Q. How would you advice your colleagues who are in relationship?

Husband: My advice for them is that they should be disciplined because you cannot get satisfaction in the world it is the same thing when you have a woman and you cannot get satisfaction of your choice. Except you are disciplined and endure every circumstance that is when you can be successful.

Q. What is your pet name for your husband?

Wife: My ribs (as her husband drew her to him and her resting her head on her shoulder).

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